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We make television something that the whole audience can experience – with no restrictions or barriers.

Our aim is to create a wide-ranging, accessible film and TV experience for the audience that is tailored to the different viewers and listeners. It makes no difference whether we're dealing with content for TV, cinema or for use on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Several years ago, we integrated this area into our range of services. We always work in a very conscientious and customer-focussed way - in respect of the various broadcasters’ regulations and the guidelines of the film industry development agencies.

If you are interested in finding out more about subtitling, audio description or creating films in accessible formats, please do get in touch.


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The use of subtitles helps to provide viewers with an enjoyable, reader-friendly experience. We have specialised in SDH and OmU.

SDH (Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing) are created primarily for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. In addition to what is being said, attention is paid to describing sounds and music as well. OmU (Original mit Untertiteln / Original with Subtitles) is used to give viewers a better understanding of international films shown in their original version – by using translations from the foreign language into their mother tongue.

Numerous aspects of quality need to be considered when creating SDH or OmU subtitles. We guarantee you accuracy, exact timing and a pleasant reading experience.

Reliability, speed and flexibility set us apart, including when it comes to last-minute requests.

Tina Egert

Project Management Accessible Media

Audio description

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Having a version for people who are blind and have impaired vision that describes what is being shown is of great importance, including in film and television.

It is extremely important to us to produce an appealing and varied range of content for these people as well. To this end we collaborate with experienced service providers. They have specialised in describing scenes in between the dialogue and bringing the listener closer to what is happening. Final sign-off by blind people is also of primary importance for us.

For recording audio description versions in our own sound studio we use professional voice actors with many years of experience in this field.

Our aim is always to create an ideal audio film experience on our client's behalf that enables the listeners to share in as well as possible with what is being shown.

Tina Egert

Project Management Accessible Media

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