1. What needs to be done prior to any material being worked on?
  2. How long does such work take?
  3. Can complex productions be worked on in parallel at the same time?
  4. Does Omnimago have sufficient memory capacity for complicated productions?
  5. Up to what level of resolution can colour corrections be done?
  6. Up to what level of resolution can films be scanned?
  7. Why do the market prices for scanning film material at comparable levels of resolution vary so much?
  8. Up to what level of resolution can digital restoration work be done?
  9. Is 2k work more expensive than HD work?
  10. Is HD appreciably worse than 2k?
  11. What is nitrate film?
  12. Is Omnimago able to do postproduction work on nitrate films and to store them appropriately during such work?
  13. Is it also possible to scan substandard film types such as Super 8mm or 9.5mm?
  14. Can I also have problematic or damaged film material worked on at Omnimago?
  15. Which HD tape formats do you recommend?
  16. Is Omnimago fully HD-capable in the postproduction workflow process?
  17. Is it possible to put quite large volumes of film and video material into storage at Omnimago?
  18. What sort of files / data are you able to produce?
  19. What details do you need for producing an MPEG file?
  20. What details are important for processing video on demand (VOD)?
  21. Is it also possible to send video or audio material in broadcast quality by data line to or from Omnimago?
  22. What types of DVD are there?
  23. What is Blu-ray?
  24. Can voice recordings be done at Omnimago?
  25. What is Dolby E?
  26. Can surround sound work be done at Omnimago?
  27. Can analogue audiotapes also be dubbed or edited?
  28. Can Dolby E work be done?
  29. What needs to be taken into account when using 4:3 material in a 16:9 production?
  30. If I am unsure which format to have my original material dubbed or digitalised into, will I get appropriate professional advice from Omnimago?
  31. Do you have any price lists?
  32. While it is being worked on and stored at Omnimago is my material in good hands?
  33. If I prefer not to send my material by post, can a driver collect it directly from our premises and return it here again afterwards?
  34. How far is Omnimago in Ingelheim from Frankfurt and from Frankfurt Airport?
  35. Will I be able to park on the Omnimago premises?
  36. Do you have a screening / reviewing room suitable for my production job that can also be used by several people at the same time?
  37. Is there anywhere to eat and drink near Omnimago?

What needs to be done prior to any material being worked on?

Careful preparation of the material is needed, in combination with a preliminary production consultation. Precise details need to be given about the initial format, the target format and the intended use.