Archive services

Do you know off the cuff how long data on a hard drive or an LTO tape lasts / remains readable? And celluloid? How about magnetic tape? The reality is that there are no uniform answers to these questions.
That's because the type of storage, the properties of the 'storage medium' and how it is looked after all play key roles in its preservation.

One thing that applies to all types of media is that with the transient nature of the stored information the archive loses value. By taking appropriate measures, however, it is possible to preserve this value. The content can, for instance, be copied onto to modern storage media.

That is the case for historic films just as it is for video or audio material. Even data of all formats is not protected against loss and is subject in the same way to a not to be underestimated half life. You will find our solutions and services for storing and preserving your material in the individual sections. It goes without saying that we deal with archive material sensitively, fully conscious of our responsibility. We have the capacity, for instance, to store celluloid film material in the proper way.

We address clients' individual wishes and archive requirements with the help of our expert and experienced team.