Digital restoration

In the case of digital restoration the obligatory consultation in advance is of significant importance. The task here is to produce a symbiosis from the level of quality demanded or recommended and the outlay required to achieve this.

Once the route to the desired goal has been selected, the focus falls on the required equipment. Omnimago provides software-based restoration both in SD and HD. On request we are also happy to run tests and, where appropriate, to hold discussions with historians in order to optimise the quality.

Our highly modern real-time systems are extremely efficient in reducing film defects, noise and flicker etc. - and efficient here naturally also means optimised in terms of the costs incurred.

Our range of restoration services is rounded off by a high-quality system for stabilising the images of SD and HD material. Whatever you put into Omnimago's expert hands, we have the technology and know-how to bring out the best possible results from your material.