Video-/Audio copying

Using our professional equipment, we are able to back up all kinds of analogue and digital audio. This starts with one-inch B and C formats and goes all the way through to the new HD formats. The analogue range in the audio sector begins with the good old quarter inch tape, includes various print master formats and extends all the way to digital DA-88 tapes.

As well as the aforementioned facts, the formats, it is in particular experience that is needed when dealing with your older stock. For when reels have been gathering dust for some 30 years or so, it is not possible to entice everything from them just like that. Using various different procedures that can be individually applied prior to the transfer, you ultimately get the best possible copy of your original.

After making the copy, the question of disposal of the old stock often arises. After all, you can't just chuck what can in part be very toxic film material into the nearest dustbin. In this area too we naturally work just as professionally and correctly - with the relevant certification.

Since our company was first founded, we have devoted ourselves with great care and responsibility to the safeguarding of archive stock. Handling film and audio material is also always a matter of trust. Our clients can always rely on our being worthy of this and on our immense experience.