Over recent years the demands relating to the digitalisation of film material have constantly grown. As new technologies, especially in respect of higher image quality in terms of sharpness and resolution, have been introduced, there has been a significant increase in demand for the best possible digitalisation system.

With the development of a totally novel wet gate system for the Scanity, the last gap in the processing of mechanically extremely demanding film material has been plugged and this requirement fulfilled in a modern manner.

The world's first WetGate system for the Scanity is now available to you at Omnimago. During the scanning of your film material, any fine scratches or damage on the shiny side of the film are eliminated from the picture. 

The familiar advantages and qualitative values of the Scanity are retained when using the WetGate system as well, without any limitations. Extremely careful handling of the film is also ensured by variable scanning speeds. The use of novel air knives dries the film gently in both directions without ever touching it.


  • DEFA Foundation
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation
  • CCC Filmkunst