For rights traders

As a trader in broadcast rights you know precisely what it's all about: time is not only the key factor, but also a rare commodity during production work. We aim not to burden you with technical details, for our motto is 'As quickly as possible and as much as necessary'. In other words, what we are for you is the interface between broadcast company and editorial team.

We talk to the broadcasters' technical executives and, where applicable, act as the intermediary between you and the overseas lab. We keep the deadline for raising objections in mind at all times, so that you do not have any surprises. Our test reports are comprehensible, meaningful and not 'technology-smitten', but focussed instead on practical matters.


  • ZDF Enterprises
  • Tele München
  • Degeto Film
  • SquareOne Entertainment
  • KirchMedia

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Korinna Barthel
Head of Projects Film Department

Fon: +49 6132 79002-957
Fax: +49 6132 400 43

Korinna Barthel