Content Management

Clients are with increasing frequency seeking the ability to store their audiovisual content professionally off site. Omnimago has specialised in these logistical requirements for many years. Your archive or productions are in good hands here, be it as analogue or digital storage media. Comprehensive technical equipment ensures that when the need arises, even at short notice, every standard format can be produced and dispatched without the material physically ever having to leave the premises.

The future belongs to digital storage. Once the initial material has been digitalised, it is available as file-based information. The requirements placed on an intelligent data archive, however, can only be partially compared with those of a traditional film or tape archive. Tape libraries in combination with intelligent content management systems are prerequisites for efficient and affordable data handling.

We configure the databases in accordance with your individual ideas and keep you fully updated at all times. We ensure that you always have access, certainty and a clear overview.  All data is stored exclusively on our premises and on our own servers.