High-volume digitalisation

That technologies and formats in the broadcast sector change is in the truest sense always just a matter of time. File-based workflows inevitably make the ability to convert older video formats to modern file structures increasingly difficult.

We have taken on this challenge. Using the automated industrial robot A.D.A.M. at our facility in Leipzig, we have established the required conditions for digitalising video cassettes around the clock in relatively high volumes. Using this system, we are also able to cover a greater diversity of formats – HDCAM, Digital Betacam, IMX, DVCPRO and Betacam SP – than anyone else in the market.

Prior to digitalisation, the tapes can, as an option, also be cleaned and after the file creation process put through a technical quality test. As required, the digitalised data is either transferred to a file-based archive or exported to hard drives. All technical workflows are automated and can be individually adapted in accordance with client requirements. By virtue of having our own transporter, we are also able, if desired, to handle the logistics of getting the material to our facility and back to you.