Audio description / audio described movies

Demand for film and TV adaptations with an additional German audio description version has risen appreciably in recent years. Producing an audio described version requires both editorial feel for the specific needs and challenges of the blind and visually impaired and the technical equipment and capability to create an audio described film from an existing audio-visual mix.

Audio description, also referred to as audio described film, was developed in the mid-seventies in the USA at San Francisco University of Creative Arts. It was not until some years later - in 1989 - that it was introduced in Europe. German television first broadcast a film with an additional audio version for visually impaired viewers in 1993.

Now many current movies are shown with an audio description version and many DVDs and Blue-rays are available from retail outlets with this additional German soundtrack.

To produce such visual description we work in close collaboration with experienced editorial teams that specialise in this field. The film, documentary or series is then mixed in our sound studio – voice recording included.


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