Color correction

It is always worthwhile investing in colour correction. It serves not only as a stylistic device, but also offers creative potential for giving films an unmistakable tone. The process is therefore not always called colour correction, with many preferring the term ‘colour design’.

It goes without saying that in terms of technical equipment we aim at the highest possible standards. We align ourselves to your needs and therefore cover off a broad range of requirements.

As well as working in HD, 2k or higher on non resolution-dependent systems such as the Nucoda FilmMaster, we therefore also work in SD with DaVinci DUI. Our aim is to refine your work with the best possible results, while not losing sight in terms of time and cost of achieving optimum value for money.

We also devote ourselves with the same commitment as to our daily tasks to individual challenges, such as the restoration of films of historical value. For such tasks technology alone is not enough – these always call for our know-how, skill and long years of experience, which we share with our clients.


  • Tatort (hr)
  • Ein Fall für Zwei (Odeon TV)
  • Fahr mal hin (SWR)
  • Zwillingsküsse schmecken besser (U5 Filmproduktion)
  • Augsburger Puppenkiste (hr)
  • Viking TV Andreas Kieling
  • Der große Tom (hr)