Digital pattern

We supply you with the first digital 'excerpts' - the video samples of your work after the original negative has been developed. Even during this early process we keep in close contact with the film lab in Wiesbaden.

We thus ensure that you are already getting informed at an early stage about the condition of the material. This enables timely assessment to be made of the quality and thus - if necessary - speedy intervention in the event of any discrepancies.

If requested, Omnimago can produce dailies of two different sorts. Onelight transfer produces a working tape for the cutting room, which - if required - can include the keycode data for later cutting of the negative.


Bestlight, the more elaborate variant, is the term given to a preliminary correction that acts as the basis for the final colour correction. Whichever process you decide on, we recommend discussing this fully in advance of the editing work being done. We also place particular value on close consultation with your cameraman.


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