The putting together of video and audio material forms the process in which a blank cast can be turned into a work of art. What was previously accomplished with a sharp knife, splicing tape and oscilloscope can thanks to digital technology be done today using literally inexhaustible creative potential.

In Avid Media Composer and FinalCutPro we have the appropriate systems at our disposal to meet wide-ranging client requirements - all, of course, in HD. And where the need arises, we avail ourselves of the tried and trusted linear editing suites.

It is, however, only in the hands of our editors that the necessary hardware and software comes to life. And if you cannot be present in person during the production work, you can rely on their expertise. If you wish, you can also gladly work here with your own editor and even hire Avid editing suites.

Either way, if you do indeed come to our studios, we have done everything to make you feel at home.


  • ZDF/arte
  • Wiesn Spezial (DITO Multimedia)
  • EBS Finanzakademie
  • Dental Video Verlag
  • Deutsche Sporthilfe