Sound design

Sounds require very special attention. To bring them out in the best possible way we give them room to unfold in both acoustic and technical terms. Our studios' all-round ambience also ensures stress-free working. In our two modern sound studios we can undertake all sorts of projects. That includes voice-over, dubbing and foley-recordings in our spacious recording-stage as well as audio mixes and sound design for film and broadcast productions, trailer productions, audio books or synchronisation.

We work with Pro Tools in combination with a 32-channel D-control, enabling us to meet the most extreme of requirements, all the way to 5.1 mixes - expandable to 7.1. This also includes final broadcast tape production using Dolby E encoding.

Furthermore we use special coordinated tools for digital sound restoration. These enables unwanted noise and all kinds of artefacts (crackles, dropouts etc.) to be removed or edited, speech intelligibility to be recovered and historic audio thus to be restored to an authentic state. Creating a symbiosis between lovingly reworked video and the restored audio is the ultimate aim.

At the end of the day, our experience is of benefit to any form of digitalisation of analogue media. As with all other requirements in dealing carefully with especially analogue audio, the same principles apply here too: accuracy and precision.


  • Neu im Kino (ZDF):
    voice-over, broadcast mix
  • Der Havariemanager (SWR):
    voice-over, broadcast mix
  • Corporate video of the city of Ingelheim:
    voice-over, mix, sound design
  • Togo Kash (Animation Brandsign):
    sound design, voice-over,
    broadcast mix
  • Himmelsst├╝rmerinnen (ZDF/arte): voice-over, broadcast mix,
    sound design
  • La Habanera (Murnau foundation):
    sound restoration