Digital transfer

In the era of digital workflows, it is increasingly important to produce data in every format possible and to provide it to clients via the quickest available means. And even though we transfer practically any initial material, such as film, video or audio, onto the desired medium, the future definitely belongs to file-based processing. As Omnimago has been around for over 30 years, that also means that we have lived through the continual modification and development of the standards of analogue and digital formats.

Thanks to having all sorts of different systems, we are in a position to convert numerous types of data simultaneously into every conceivable form. The initial format is flexible. You can send us a file, a hard drive, a video tape or a 35mm film. The migration is done wholly in accordance with your vision or specifications. Broadcasters, video-on-demand platforms or archives: all can have very different requirements in terms of format and resolution.

For the distribution process there are many routes to the recipient, not least because the whole world is networked together. Whether we transfer a file of dispatch a storage device via courier is a matter for you to decide.

A high bandwidth is guaranteed at Omnimago. Larger volumes of data can even travel to and from the client in parallel. Fast and reliable transfers are ensured via appropriate systems, such as those from 'Signiant'.