File play-out

In the beginning... there is input material in one form or another. Analogue. Digital. In all possible formats. But what do we have at the end?

A few years ago, the technical possibilities were more limited, though also demanding. In terms of the latter nothing has changed. However, as regards the options and specifications available today the technology has fundamentally changed, becoming more complex and diverse. Be it master file, distribution file, LowRes or HighRes, DCDM or DCP, HD, 2K or 4K, all play-out qualities are possible. You receive the results or data via file transfer, on hard drives, LTO tapes or Blu-ray. Transfer onto video tape also has its justification and is naturally possible as well.

Only by having a precise definition in advance of the product you ultimately want can the optimum processing be guaranteed. A detailed dialogue between us is therefore required before we begin.