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The preparation of productions for the ‘big screen’ is not only a pleasure of a different kind for the viewer, but for us too it is something special. Grading under cinema conditions calls for a rethink of the process. Each film is different and even the creation of files suitable for each individual cinema is a bespoke task.


Cinema grading

Omnimago : Kino Grading - Frau starrt auf mehrere Bildschirme

Grading on a screen differs to a significant degree from correction on a monitor. Picture and sound have to suit the characteristics of a cinema. And that leads to a special kind of experience.

With laser phosphor projection, Barco has set new benchmarks in terms of picture sharpness and brilliance of colour. It provides consistent DCI-compliant picture quality with native 4K resolution on a 5m-wide white cinema screen without any irritating hot spot, producing an absolutely uniform visual experience in all areas of the cinema suite. Grading in the P3 colour space is possible here, as is the checking of DCPs.

Perfect 5.1 sound is ensured by active Genelec monitoring with the highest possible precision and dynamic range. And last but not least, the DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel opens up every possibility for flexible and creative working.

Iris Rosendorn



Omnimago : Kino Grading - Mann starrt auf den Bildschirm

In the digital age, special formats are required for output on the big screen. For backing up productions too increasing use is being made of DCDMs and DCPs.

Since the switch-over from analogue to digital projection, picture and sound are shown in cinemas in the Digital Cinema Package container format. What serves as the source material for the DCP is the Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM). It is not only for cinemas that these formats play a role. In archives too operators are increasingly putting their faith in these standards as back-up files.

For quite a long time now, we have specialised in producing these formats for clients, optionally with or without encryption. Professional final acceptance of the files in compliance with all relevant standards is ensured by our 4K laser phosphor projector from Barco with the 5.1 surround monitoring system from Genelec.

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