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Fine tuning for your production - from a single source

All sorts of different specialists working with one goal: an optimum product in picture and sound. From creative grading, via mixing and voice recording in the sound studio all the way to the editing of a trailer, everything goes hand in hand – punctually and reliably. Finally, we check the result against the technical specifications issued in each case.


Omnimago : Tv und Postproduktion - Audiosetup

Grading is a creative process and opens up a broad spectrum of creative options. This ranges from authentic colour reproduction in the case of an historical movie all the way to the typical ‘look’ of a new production – be it on a monitor or the big screen.

Our grading suites are equipped with Nucoda and DaVinci colour correctors. The extensive technical equipment naturally also includes 4K HDR reference monitors and, for cinema productions, a 4K laser phosphor projection system. Our colourists have expertise in both fields gained over many years. The spectrum here extends from historical productions, via fiction, documentaries and TV series, all the way to concerts for VOD.

Whatever you require of us, we go passionately about the fulfilment of your wishes without, however, losing sight of the technical requirements for broadcasting on TV or showing in the cinema.

Monitor grading

For our colourists, professional monitors are the absolute reference tool for their work. It is for that reason that we use various different calibrated monitors, which with OLED and LCD panels are capable of 4K and HDR.

Omnimago : Digitalisierung und Archivservices - Grading

Monitor grading

For our colourists, professional monitors are the absolute reference tool for their work. It is for that reason that we use various different calibrated monitors, which with OLED and LCD panels are capable of 4K and HDR.

Omnimago : Digitalisierung und Archivservices - Farbkorektur bearbeitung

Cinema grading

The grading process in our cinema suite is a very special experience. Take a seat on the sofa and enjoy the unique projection. Guaranteeing this is the 4K laser phosphor projector, which even shows colour corrections in the P3 colour space.

Omnimago : Digitalisierung und Archivservices - Frau starrt auf Bildschirme


The wish for higher picture quality is being ever better fulfilled through the development of new displays. With high dynamic range a new world is opening up in respect of such range and of creative video design. Our team has the required expertise and experience for the demanding HDR grading process.

Omnimago : Tv und Postproduktion - Bildschirme

Audio work

Omnimago : Tv und Postproduktion - Audiogeräte in Farbe gesetzt

The sound provides the special atmosphere in any production. We therefore devote special significance to sound design with our two sound studios.

The possibilities for creative generation and subsequent editing of audio elements are in essence limitless. Our specialists’ attention is totally on the speech, music or sounds that are produced or given new life as part of a restoration of historic recordings.

Our clients’ wishes range here from mono formats, via surround sound and Dolby E all the way to Dolby Atmos or binaural mixes. Recordings of speech and sound effects round off the services on offer for successful audio mastering.

Kai Powalla

Audio Engineer

Dialog recording

Professional dialog recordings require professionals, including the voice actors. We work with all sorts of voice talents, including on request in different languages. In addition to classic voiceover recordings, our portfolio also includes ADR, audio books and audio descriptions. the voice actor does not have to be on-site, as the recordings can also be done online.

Omnimago : Tv und Postproduktion - Mann schaut auf Bildschirme

Sound design

Good sound effects recordings make a film feel authentic and alive - especially if they are tailored to the characteristics of the production. It`s exactly what we create with our Foley stage, whether it`s for a new production or when dealing with missing sound in historical film material.

Omnimago : Tv und Postproduktion - Tonaufnahmegerät


Omnimago : Tv und Postproduktion - Mann arbeitet am Computer

One of the most classic services of any post-production service provider is editing. Whether it be required trimming or a wish to integrate dramatic effects, nearly every production needs some creative intervention.

Be it for movies, documentaries or trailers for film festivals, editing plays a major role in adapting a production in length and order. The editorial directive generally comes here from the client, while the technical and creative implementation is provided by our experienced cutters. For carrying out the required work we have multiple editing suites at our disposal, enabling us to act promptly and flexibly, including in particular in the case of urgent and last-minute project requests.

The tools available to our colleagues include AVID and Adobe Premiere. And if you want to use your own staff, our editing suites are also available for hire.

Anne Jungbluth

Head of Postproduction


Omnimago : Tv und Postproduktion - Frau blickt auf Bildschirme

The video and audio demands made by television broadcasters, video-on-demand platforms and cinemas are at times very high. The technical implementation of these to make productions suitable for broadcast is a primary and integral part of our work.

Public service broadcasters, independent television channels and international VOD platforms sometimes have very different technical guidelines for the target format to be delivered. We take on these bespoke requirements and produce the final broadcast files to the relevant specifications. And for cinema use we produce digital masters for the big screen in DCDM or DCP form.

Before being sent out, all results are internally checked and transferred onto digital data storage media such as hard drives or LTO tape. Distribution to the recipient via secured data lines is, of course, also a standard practice.

Technical checks (QC)

Omnimago : Tv und Postproduktion - Mann blickt auf Bildschirme

Viewers have increasingly high expectations and want to savour what they’re watching in vision and sound. In terms of the content we cannot contribute a lot to that, but on the technical side we ensure a professional result that has been expertly checked before it leaves our building.

he extensive guidelines of broadcasters, archives and streaming services for content output require a technically flawless product for it to be suitable for broadcast. That can already play a role when buying productions as part of a licence deal, but above all also in the case of final technical acceptance.

Due to the great variety of formats and standards it is essential to have experienced employees who are also able to write up the results of the checks in German and English. We are well equipped here on the technical front too – tests can be done up to a resolution of 4K and in HDR format. And for files we have automated QC tools, such as Baton and Vidchecker.

Anne Jungbluth

Head of Postproduction

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