Prasad Corporation takes over OMNIMAGO GmbH

India’s Prasad Corporation, a globally renowned company in the field of media production and preservation of audiovisual content for 65 years, has taken over Germany’s OMNIMAGO GmbH with effect from 1 October, 2023. The strategic integration of OMNIMAGO GmbH into Prasad Corp represents the culmination of a long-standing relationship between the two companies and marks a new era of collaboration that sets a benchmark for excellence, integrity and customer satisfaction. The aim of the takeover is not only to maintain the existing business of the traditional Ingelheim-based company, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, but also to expand digitisation projects in Europe. As before, the company location of OMNIMAGO GmbH will remain in Ingelheim.

Sai Prasad, Director of Prasad Corporation, states about the takeover: “This acquisition will lead both companies into a future where tradition meets innovation.” Peter Fries, Managing Director of OMNIMAGO GmbH, adds: “The takeover marks a significant milestone in our company history, continuing our strengths and turning our visions into reality.”

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